8×8 Audio/Video Switch

In my former house, there was a huge cable to route audio and video signals from various sources to different devices and rooms. I needed a central unit to switch and cross signals. The first version of this central unit (it was provisional, but it worked until I moved) was an array of 128 mechanical switches (!)

It was not the “ultimate” solution but I had no time to do something more complex. So, I started this project.

This gadget, named “Axeman’s VideoSwitch” as you can see from the front panel ;) can route 8 input to 8 output in any “legal” combination.

Front panel has been made with Inkscape, a really good free and open Source software for vector graphics.

Video part is based on the quite common (and pricey!) 8×8 crosspoint MAX456, paired with two video buffer (MAX468 or MAX470). Audio section is instead composed of 16 groups 74LS373+CD4051. 

PIC16F877 is the brain of the device, and a 2×16 LCD display with a numeric keypad works as user interface.

I added a RS232 port to configure the device from an external computer.

Some pictures of the device being built.


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