Amateur Hour

Due to the incompetence of A2Hosting “trained monkeys”, which let a ransomware fuck their entire windows infrastructure, including DB servers, and have been unable to restore their systems, this site and all its subdomains remained offline from 22 April to 4 May, when I decided to ditch those amateurs and moved all my stuff (I have backups, unlike them) on a new hosting.


Hosting change…

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to this new WordPress hosting… :)

This post is only to distinguish the two sites, that share the same domain… :)

Making the Makibox

…the nice toy is growing, slowly… :)

2014-04-15 12.51.58 2014-04-20 21.24.12 2014-04-20 21.24.22

Another round, another prize… (Xcode, Objective C, e iPhone/iPad app)

Schermata 08.apr.2014 15.18.05 simulatore iOS

Contrary to what I would have thought, the biggest problem was not learning the crazy syntax of ObjectiveC, or the mandatory MVC paradigm, or XCode IDE (that makes me regret Visual Studio, and I hate to give kudos to Microsoft), but to understand how the procedures for app signing works so you can test it on devices that are not directly connected to the development machine!

Schermata 08.apr.2014 15.17.49 simulatore iOS

Anyway … I won :)

And this, done as a sort of  “hello world” to try to understand how the fracking process worked, is the iPhone port of my TNGClient for Android (and with a really nice calendar… oddly enough, compared to my horrible graphic standards … :))

Yeah, I can add a couple of lines to the CV … :)

First month of the new site…

…well… not bad for a site that has not been updated in more than 6 years… :)


I’ll probably use the firs japanese visitor as an excuse to start learning japanese… ;) 


…now translating…

At last! :)

Most of english pages are not yet available…

Please select the Italian language in the top right menu to see the full site.

I’ll start to translate contents when the relocation from the old CMS will be completed.

Until then… the old contents can be found clicking HERE.

I’ll place 301-redirects for pages on the old CMS that already have a page on the new system.

Well… let’s start the big job…

…that is the conversion and the translation of all the content from the old CMS to the new WordPress site).

It’ll take me ages…


pumpgraphA Javascript object to generate interactive graphs of working parameters of a pump or a pump family, where you can choose a working point and verify working parameters in the selected configuration.

I followed the partial refactoring of this project when it was a Java applet, adding interpolation, antialiasing and a custom html renderer, and I’ve recently ported it to JavaScript, to obtain a better compatibiliy with desktop and mobile browsers.


Small stand-alone LED theatre lighting system

Wife: “We should find a way to light up the little theater whitout setting curtains on fire, with something we can easily move, with some way to switch lights from behind the curtains…

Axe: “Oh well, this weekend I’ll try to think something…


…and here it is: 4 LED semi-spot for the stage, LED bars for the guests, single LEDs in the actor’s spaces in the backstage and a small remote control. All material can be stored in a metal case easily transportable. And almost of the materials is recycled: wood floor panels, Ikea led lamp holders, leftovers from my house wiring, and two lead acid batteries from an UPS.


Spot lamps and LED bars have magnetic hooks (dead hard disk magnets ;) ), so they can be attached to metal bars that makes the theater structure, and small leds for the backstage can be hung to the curtain fabric. I also provided for a car inverter connection, so we can power the audio player and speakers and be independent from an external power source.

2013-06-19 20.11.03

The theater, with my lighting system, is dedicated to the performance “Burattinesque” by Manuela Tamietti.

Two notes: first of all, McGyver is an amateur ;) and… I hope that the acting company never needs to take a fly, because thist thing seems too much an explosive device to clean safely the airport security controls. :)

This is the performance promotional video: