Arcade spinner

enco2What’s Arkanoid without a REAL spinner? This is made just with scrap parts. That’s how to do it…

Arcade joystick

joy1Unfortunately, I’ve kept no photographic documentation on the building steps, because I’ve built it on the fly using some wood that I already had in the basement. This is the final result. The joystick top is 32.6 by 17 inches, 1.2 inches thick, and almost bulletproof.
The hole in the center, between red buttons, is for the spinner.

joy_cmTo get an idea of the joystick size, look at it compared to the huge box of the CoolerMaster Stacker case.
All the components (pushbuttons and joystick) is made by Happ Controls.

Control board is the I-Pac from Ultimarc.