2014-01-07 09.25.15 2014-01-07 09.25.30I needed a project as an “excuse” to start developing apps for Android (that I never studied before) when a colleague challenged me on my PortaleTNG. What a fantastic excuse :)

While he spent the day saying “Now I’ll write an android client for your web app!” I downloaded Eclipse, the ADK, installed everything, and in less than 8 hours I wrote TNGClient (and its web service) :)

Its use is evident from the two screenshots, the application is very easy and virtually without having to configure anything except the credentials of the corporate account. As a first project for Android, I have to say that it came out pretty good.


zprojectclientfullA full featured instant messaging system with groups, message history, alerts, multi-recipient message, and a complete multichannel IRC-like chat system: a masterpiece, IMHO, if you think that I wrote it when ICQ did not exists and even netmeeting was just a concept)

The name Zproject2004 has a troubled story: it was originally “Project1” (You got it! It was the default project name in Visual Basic :-) )

But years ago, in the Windows 3.1 (and Visual Basic 4.0) age, there were issues with DLL loading order. In short, this application should be the LAST application loaded by the system. And the only way to do this automatically was to name it with a name starting with Z, so i called it Zproject1.

In 1999 I completely rewrote the application, so I changed that “1” in “2000” because the new version hit the production stage the 1st January 2000.

Another major release and the software name changed in “ZProject 2004” (Talking about Microsoft and its Windows numbering schemes… :) )

The last major release was a porting in .NET, and hence the final name: ZProject.NET.

(This is to say that if you ask me to write you something, YOU have to find a name for it… ;) )


maintconsoleAvatar is a redundant distributed system for information display. A fancy name for a complex infrastructure that drives a lot of informative displays scattered around buildings using a central schedule, checking for its status, switching on and off devices driving projector lamps, and so on.

And no, Cameron and his movie arrived 4 years after “my” Avatar.

The name is a tribute to the captain Avatar, of the Yamato starship, from the greath ’70s anime Star Blazers.

Avatar has his own page on my website, but it’s not yet translated, so at the moment the page is in italian.


jeeneon on windowsJEEneoN is a dedicated client for neoNecronomicon: the first italian MUD.

Prima Necronomicon girava in Videotel, poi è stato chiuso per anni ed è “rinato” grazie all’ADSL.

jeeneon on mac

JEEneoN was originally called CLIneoN and written in Visual Basic (yes yes I know what you’re thinking, but Visual Basic is the language that I was forced to use at work, so it was the only choice available to “steal” some time from work to write it) then ported in Java and renamed because many NEON users use Mac OS-X and Linux.

More informations and download.



filiali_ttA beast that show in a almost human-readable way a huge quantity of data downloaded from VTAM and CICS datasets of Sanpaolo bank.

You ask the software for a particular branch: it takes terminal and xid tables, physical and logical units, router and server locations, and show a report with the branch details.


Filiali was originally written in Borland C almost 7 years ago, with HLLAPI interface to 3270 emulator to get data from host. From then, it has been rewritten many times in Visual Basic, first with data downloaded from host by a night job and stored on sequential file, then on Access databases, then I’ve written a client-server version to solve the concurrent access to Access files and finally I ported it to ASP with Oracle databases.