This is a little utility that I wrote to monitor our web server workload in an easy way (and to play with .NET SDK).

I then decided to release it as freeware.

You can find more information and the actual utility on this page.



jeeneon on windowsJEEneoN is a dedicated client for neoNecronomicon: the first italian MUD.

Prima Necronomicon girava in Videotel, poi è stato chiuso per anni ed è “rinato” grazie all’ADSL.

jeeneon on mac

JEEneoN was originally called CLIneoN and written in Visual Basic (yes yes I know what you’re thinking, but Visual Basic is the language that I was forced to use at work, so it was the only choice available to “steal” some time from work to write it) then ported in Java and renamed because many NEON users use Mac OS-X and Linux.

More informations and download.



Schermata di PG308reset The purpose of this tiny little program is to reset drum counter of Laserjet III – compatibles laser printers (like the Olivetti PG308, that I owned).

Those printers have a little cartridge on which the drum counter is written. When the counter reach 10000, the printer stop working until a new drum unit (and a new cartridge) is loaded.

This is obviously a Bad Thing, and the fact that my drum unit printed more than 72000 sheets before I scraped the printer clearly prove this! :)

Just connect the cartridge to the PC parallel port with a special cable (also built by me), click on the Program button and counter is reset to 0 copies.

Clearly on my new printer (samsung CLX-3175… the worst printer I ever had!) there was a much sophisticated system to prevent use of compatible or refilled cartridges. But nothing that a big hole in the printer side and a switch soldered on the EEPROM write enable could not solve :)

psxinterfaceWhen I put for the first time my hands on a PlayStation, I liked very much the Sony controller. So I tried to find informations about the communication protocol between joypad and console. I found nothing.

So I borrowed an oscilloscope (my Zeroplus LAP-C arrived years later) and tried to reverse engineer the protocol.

This was a test program to help me in the reverse engineering, because the 2 channels of oscilloscope were not enough.

psxinterfacehwThe program, with the aid of a simple hardware interface connected to then PC parallel port, can generate a data sequence on any output pins while reading and recording status of every controller signal