Mini christmas tree

alberofullThis is my personal solution to the universal problem “How can I have a christmas tree AND three cats in the same house?” :-)
A small tree (a little more than 6 inches high), an omnipresent PIC microcontroller that pseudo-randomly drives 8 high power LEDs, 4 rechargeable AA batteries, a little box as base, and that’s an art attack! *:-)

Here you can download the HEX file of the control program: ALBERO.ZIP. It’s compiled for 16F84A. Don’t ask me for the sources because it’s a program I wrote on the fly in 10 minutes and I’m not proud of it ;). LEDs are connected to the 8bit port B.

xmastreeAnd this is the schematic. You’ll have to choose resistors suited to LEDs you used. Limit current is 20mA for a single led or else the PIC output port could break.

And at least a little photo gallery of my tree, and a little video (just to check the easy video embedding in WordPress post ;) )




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