MP3 Jukebox

juke1My first MP3 jukeboxe, built when there were no iPod, creative Nomads or Diamond RIOs…  ;)

It was PC-based, obvoiusly, I never had the time to complete the stand-alone version with hardware decoder.

 I’ve made the first version, with a custom made case with keypad and 2×16 LCD (it was an old telecommunication device) and then a second version with 4×20 LCD and a little box with keypad, fixed to a cabinet door hiding the PC from view.


The PC, a modest Pentium 133 with 20 Gb HD, boot with a special version of Windows98 that allows the power off on the fly, and loads only winamp, the LCD plugin, the network subsystem and a VNC server for remote management. An internal X10 receiver allows me to power the device and send some command via my home automation system.

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