My job

Oh well… it’s complicated… :/

At the moment I’m working for “Work Service Factory srl” that has leased from “Aosta Network srl” the branch I worked for, in turn leased from “Network Italia spa”. “Network Italia spa” in turn bought “I.O.S srl”, a small I&CT consultant company that I’ve started years ago with two former colleagues.

I’m now an analyst and a programmer for the System Software group of one of the biggest italian banks, and I provide level 3 support for the same group.

Sometimes I work at home on other projects, either for myself or for my company. Usually it’s some software that I’m writing, or that I’ve already written but must be fixed or changed, but I’ve also some hardware project being worked. 

The remaining time is shared between my family (actually my wife and our four cats) and my hobbies. 


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