Page not available

If you’re seeing this page, it means that you followed link or redirect to/from my old website and the requested material is no more available on the new site.

I think I’ve not deleted nothing “fundamental” in the transition between old and new site, but something, for various reason, have not been moved. Like:

  • LEGO material. There were just a couple of pages that I’ve not moved, I’ll see later where and how to move them.
  • The RESOURCE area. It had a meaning when I used that as personal storage, but now is obsolete and has no meaning in this new site.
  • The Picture Book. Photo-oriented social networks do way a better job than a simple picture book. I’m on  500px, on flickr and on picasaweb (now G+), my pictures are now there.
  • The Guestbook. With the full WordPress power, there are many many ways to contact me, so, no more guestbook page.
  • The search page. That white box in the top banner is there for a reason… ;)

…if you think that something that should be here is not here, let me know and I’ll restore that part for you.