This portale2is the web portal for managing attendance of the group I worked for (until January 2014) .


Written in VB.NET, alas (I didn’t use C# yet), its functions was initially to manage the master data of the full work crew, presence surveying, exceptions, reporting, forecasts for holidays/permits/absences, the allocation of people in the projects, the counts of business costs and revenues.

Then I added the ability to manage orders, quotations and invoices for all projects of the group. A final addition was the management of certain business assets (cars, mainly) . There was so much else to add, that was expected during the creation of databases, but I’ve been assigned to other tasks so that the the system has been left quite unfinished.

As someone has already pointed out, the graphics is horrible! I know, it is true , as I have written elsewhere on this site I write code, and I have absolutely no eye for graphics, for color schemes and for all that is “aesthetics” in general, so I just put a couple of background colors for the different sections of the menu and order and nothing else.

Subsequently, for “fun” I created TNGClient: a dedicated client for Android, and the related web service.

Oh, and, always for fun, I ported TNGClient to iPhone.

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