What I like

These are the things that I like to do in my spare time, in random order. As you’ll see there is some overlap between my hobbies and my job, and I don’t have yet realized if this is a good thing or a Bad Thing(C).


One of my favourites because it’s easily time-sliced with my other hobbies (glues and paints need much time to dry). I’ve designed and built part of the furniture I have in my house.


I’ve designed and built many things like the light controller in my parent’s house (and in mine, and I’m working to the Version 3, with CAN network between nodes and web controls), a model train digital controller, interfaces from PC to Playstation peripheral, microcontroller boards, and many others. More of this in the electronics area.


I approached this wonderful hobby many years ago, when a friend gave me an old Zenit 122. I had to leand quickly mainly because the exposure meter failed almost immediately, leaving me with the sunny 16 rule as the sole reference. Oh well, it’s just another way to learn :)

I have two pages where I put my IMHO best shots:



LEGO building

The word LEGO should say all :-).

I’ve started to play with LEGO as a child, like any other, but I never had a “dark age” period in my life. Simply, for many years I’ve had no spare time to spend on LEGO, and no friends to share this hobby with, until I discovered ItLUG.

I’m into the Technic and Mindstorms themes, but once in a while I like very much to play with those good ol’ classic bricks.


Of everything (From PC to MCUs to CNCs to house appliances to Lego Bricks :-) ) in any language (assembly, Basic, Pascal, C/C++, Fortran, Java and any other language needed. I have a working Intercal interpreter on one of my PCs :-) )

I am “language-independent”. Oh well … I am a little allergic to Reverse Polish Notation languages (like Forth) and I don’t like also LISP-style languages. But besides personal preferences, languages are all the same to me. If you know what you want to write, you only need a dictionary and a grammar to write it in any language :-)

If you’re thinking that there should be an area of this site to go deeper into this topic and show you what I’ve done, you’re right. There is. It is the Software area, of course.



Listening, of course: classical, jazz, blues, electronic (I don’t know the right english word, think of something “Vangelis-like” or “Oldfield-like”), celtic, country (the american one), Broadway musical soundtracks, metal, and many other kinds of music.

But I also play keyboard and guitar. To be honest, “to play” is a big word. I think that “to bang away” gives a more suitable description of what I do. I have an old YAMAHA SY77, a PSR1500 as arranger, but my favorite synthesizer is now the fantastic Novation Mininova.

I used to sing in a local choir, but I quit after some “flames” with the management.

R/C models

Not really a “regular” hobby, but once in a while I give some time slices to R/C models. I have an electric 4WD Tamiya (Ford Escort WRC) and a Kyosho MiniZ (Subaru Impreza) and sooner or later I’ll put my hands on a quadricopter just to build my own flight controller.


Mainly fantasy, science fiction and horror stories. I also like scientific divulgation books (like Piero Angela’s ones), and, of course, reference manuals of everything.

The book that I enjoyed more so far is “Flim-Flam!” by James Randi. A great book that I suggest to everyone.

Other things

Like building my own plastic coating machine (with the aid of some LEGO brick :-) ), ribbon ink refiller (also this with LEGO), smoke machine, 3-axis motorized router table, and so on.

I like also movies and theatrical plays (the Rocky Horror Show is my favourite).

I attended a Scuba Diving school (15m), but I don’t actively practise this hobby (lack of time).

Viaggi nel tempo


If I add up all the hours that I spend each day working, enjoying my hobbies and my family, eating, sleeping and driving, the result is usually much greather than 24! ;)

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