A short biography

I’m Sergio Lorenzetti, AKA Axeman.

I was born on 5th june 1972, in a town called Venaria Reale, in Italy.
When I was born, Venaria was a sad ad almost unknown town located in Turin’s outskirts: 24 thousand inhabitants and a single movie theathre (later closed). Oh… and the ruins of what later became the “La Venaria” Palace. the palace was in really bad conditions, almost abandoned, with most of the roof missing, some rooms used as army warehouse and many others without floor. Then, someone realized that maybe leaving the place in those conditions was not a good idea. And with a lot of money, the Palace was restored to its ancient splendor. This, for example, is the “Galleria di Diana”, photographed by me in a moment with perfect lighting and no one in the room.

Back to the topic: at the age of 4, I was already able to break apart any mechanical device in the neighbbourhood. Yeah … this is normal. But, unless the other childrens, I learnt how to REBUILD them. This gave me a good mechanical skill: metal and wood-working are my two main hobbies. I began to play with electronics some year later, and I liked it so much that I never stopped.

I discovered computers with a Commodore VIC-20 (with the Super Expander Cartdrige … WOW!) and then I continued with almost the full Commodore machine range: the Commodore 16, the Commodore 64, the Commodore 128 (a great machine!). I used Amiga for some months, then I switched to PC clones with the Philips NMS-TC100. From it, it’s been a steep slope (tnx, Mr. Bill).

I am now a freelance information & communication technology consultant, a programmer and an electronic engineer.

And… almost forgot… I’m absolutely crazy! :)


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